The time has come . . .
Ok - I've said it. It's out there in writing. As of May 21, 2012, I am flimsy-paper-card-carrying-member of Weight Watchers! And you know what? So far, I LOVE IT! That may be the nerdy, techie girl in me speaking, but the electronic tracking got me. Sucked me in and is keeping me there. Is that all it took? Had I only known sooner. Will it last?
I hope so! Come with me and see!
UPDATE: March 17, 2013: 43 weeks, and I made my goal! Weight loss at goal, 61.6 pounds - 29.2%!
UPDATE: April 28, 2013: I'm a LIFETIME member now!
Weight loss to date: 73.2 pounds

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Commitment Day 5k - check!

I signed the Commitment banner!
7:40 am, Tuesday, January 1st, 2013 - A cold but beautiful day!
A great way to start off a new year! This appears to be the inaugural Commitment Day walk/race. Forget making a resolution - make a commitment to a healthier way of life! In 30 cities across the US, men, women, families, co-workers and neighbors are making a commitment to live a healthier lifestyle. 

We became aware of this walk at the 2012 Turkey Trot, this past Thanksgiving morning. I never saw any advertising for it anywhere else - which may explain the seemingly light turnout. Getting through the bib pick up line was a breeze - we walked right up! We all took a Sharpie and signed the Commitment Day banner with our commitments. It was interesting to read the others. I watched one little boy in front of me write "try to get skinnier - Robert". 

Received some nice swag, too - a cool T-shirt, quite different than the typical ones, and a light little backpack style bag. At the end of the race they passed out coconut water, bottled water, Grandma's cookies, bags of pretzels, and a hardcover Commitment Day journal. It seems to be a nice little book with health tips, challenges, and inspirational quotes sprinkled among the dated journal pages. I'll have to check it out further.

Lots of kids and many dogs! Rebecca and I even caught the least of a cute little white dog that had broken away from his owner and was running freely. It was nice to be able to grab his leash and hand him back to his master! That was being in the right place at the right time. I would FREAK if Gracie ever got loose and took off.

In spite of the temp, it was a beautiful, easy walk through Shoreline Village, and along the marina. I think this is my favorite walk, so far, with the CHOC Walk through Disneyland being a close second. It is always fun to walk with my WW girls - Jackie, Linda, Rebecca and Summer. So . . . what's next, girls?

"The finish line is only the beginning!"

Come with me across the Finish Line! (sorry for the shaky video!)

Happy 2013, everyone!

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