The time has come . . .
Ok - I've said it. It's out there in writing. As of May 21, 2012, I am flimsy-paper-card-carrying-member of Weight Watchers! And you know what? So far, I LOVE IT! That may be the nerdy, techie girl in me speaking, but the electronic tracking got me. Sucked me in and is keeping me there. Is that all it took? Had I only known sooner. Will it last?
I hope so! Come with me and see!
UPDATE: March 17, 2013: 43 weeks, and I made my goal! Weight loss at goal, 61.6 pounds - 29.2%!
UPDATE: April 28, 2013: I'm a LIFETIME member now!
Weight loss to date: 73.2 pounds

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Did It Again -

Chuze Fitness, Cypress, CA
 I feel like I've said this before, but here goes . . . Ok - I did it! I joined a gym! I know what you're probably thinking, but I have high hopes for this one. Its a new gym called Chuze Fitness, located in Cypress. About 4 doors down in the same parking lot as my Sunday Weight Watchers store! Like it was meant to be! I made a deal with my friend and co-worker Lora. I would be her guest at the gym and she'd be my guest at Weight Watchers.

So, we ended up meeting there before the Weight Watcher meeting on Sunday. Popped into the gym and had a half hour go on the elliptical, then headed next door for the Weight Watcher meeting. And they were having a special! If you had a friend join, they would receive $10.00 off their first month's membership, and you received $10.00 of free stuff - your choice! She joined and I got Popped Barbeque Potato Chips (don't judge me . . . I know I shouldn't say that in a post about joining a gym). After her paperwork was done we walked back Chuze Fitness and I joined.

Memberships are very reasonable - the "Basic" is $9.99 a month, and the "Premium" is $19.99 a month. With the basic you can use all the workout equipment. With the premium, you also can take all the group classes, have unlimited use of the tanning beds, both the traditional and the stand up kind, as well as unlimited use of the hydro massage beds. Talk about hi-tech. Sheesh - these looked amazing. One thing right off the bat that I was thrilled to see was LOTS of elliptical machines. There must be at least 20. Four different kinds! I didn't even know there were different kinds. They all have iPod/iPhone docks, and some little black box gizmo you can plug your earphones into to watch the  many flat screen TVs hanging right in front of the equipment. (Now, this could be just typical gym accessories, I wouldn't know - I have not been to a gym since 2009 when I went to 24 Hour Fitness for 5 months. They didn't have this stuff back then! And they only had 4 ellipticals. But, they did have lots of lines . . .) There is a Curves-style circuit room, an ab workout room, a stretching room, and a group room and kettle bells. Everything is cleans and new. No lines and no waiting for anything. You even get a free tee shirt when you join.

Oh! They also have very reasonably priced "stuff"! You can buy a little towel with their logo on it, a Chuze Fitness lanyard, extra earphones, tanning goggles, single serving tanning lotion, protein bars and beverages, with none of those things being over $5. The bottle of water I bought was only a buck! So reasonable. There are caps, tank tops, tees and sweatshirts, but I didn't look at those prices - yet. I would love a tank top!

Surprisingly, I had forgotten that I love the smell of the gym - the rubber or whatever it is. At this point in time I can say I'll probably really only be going on weekends and holidays. Maybe I'll be able to add in some evenings once it is staying light longer. I spent Sunday evening updating my workout playlist and I can hardly "weight" for Saturday! Also, I'll be meeting with a trainer Sunday morning before Weight Watchers for all the introductory assessments and work out plan. I am hopeful that I can wholeheartedly embrace the fitness side of my journey like I did the food side. I will have to get over my fear of spandex workout leggings <shudder>.
Lucky for me, I know there are other members of my WW group who are members at Chuze, so with their help and support I'm sure it is possible!

to be continued . . . .

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