The time has come . . .
Ok - I've said it. It's out there in writing. As of May 21, 2012, I am flimsy-paper-card-carrying-member of Weight Watchers! And you know what? So far, I LOVE IT! That may be the nerdy, techie girl in me speaking, but the electronic tracking got me. Sucked me in and is keeping me there. Is that all it took? Had I only known sooner. Will it last?
I hope so! Come with me and see!
UPDATE: March 17, 2013: 43 weeks, and I made my goal! Weight loss at goal, 61.6 pounds - 29.2%!
UPDATE: April 28, 2013: I'm a LIFETIME member now!
Weight loss to date: 73.2 pounds

Thursday, October 18, 2012

2012 CHOC Walk - Done!

Me & Deanne at the finish line

Last Sunday my friend Deanne and I walked the 2012 CHOC Walk in Anaheim. After getting to Disneyland at 5:45 am, we stood with 16,000 others in the dark, waiting for the day to start.
Finally around 7:00 am, we started the walk beginning in California Adventure, walking through Cars Land, then though Disneyland, and out into Downtown Disney to cross the finish line. Very fun! Since I haven't been to Disneyland since Colin was probably 4 or 5 (he'll be 32 thins November!), everything was new to me. Had a great time!

 I had to take a picture of a service dog I met, named Champ. Champ was wearing Mickey Mouse ears and little boots. Champ was one of many service dogs we saw along the walk.

We made it across the finish line!

Up next? The 2012 Turkey Trot in Long Beach, Thanksgiving morning!

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